Big Soppy Liberal Ben Affleck Just Not Believable As Batman

Bruce Wayne is not politically correct

ben affleck liberal

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has received terrible reviews because no one can relate to Ben Affleck’s left wing portrayal of Batman.

Affleck, an unashamed Democrat, went viral after he almost cried on learning the movie had been widely panned. He must have been thinking back to an interview he gave to Playboy in 2013:

“When I watch a guy [on screen] I know is a big Republican, part of me thinks, I probably wouldn’t like this person if I met him, or we would have different opinions. That shit fogs the mind when you should be paying attention and be swept into the illusion.”

A Republican moviegoer, said: “I understand Ben Affleck hates me because I vote Republican, but I gave him my money anyway.

“Unfortunately, I just wasn’t swept into the illusion knowing what his political views are. 2/10.”

Even Democrats were less than impressed: “I just kept thinking about that other interview he did with Bill Maher and Sam Harris, the one where he went mental. That shit was even too left-wing for me.

“I simply can’t imagine Bruce Wayne acting all politically correct like that. 3/10.”

Ben Affleck, responded: “I’m actually a Republican. But you have to act around here to find work.”

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